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Dear Friend,

If you're looking to unleash your hidden potential, become a dominant force on the field, and be an essential asset for your team, then this will be the most important web page you'll ever read.

What you're going to discover here is a goldmine of the best tools and most comprehensive resources ever developed to help you quickly improve your game.

This is unlike anything you’ve seen or tried before, but all the best softball players in the world use these techniques, methods and strategies to achieve their best performances. And now, it’s time for you to use them as well.

My name is Marc Dagenais and I’m a Softball Peak Performance Coach. Over the past 20 years, I’ve developed an exceptional combination of softball coaching expertise and sports sciences knowledge – which a very rare combo in the world of softball. I have intimate knowledge of what it takes to develop and maintain a high level of performance in athletes.

So if you're looking for elite-level performances and really become the best player you can be, then spend a few minutes reading this web page. It'll be worth your time, I promise!

Here’s Why You should Listen to Me…

I’ve been coaching softball since I was 13 years old when I started helping out with my younger sister's youth softball team. I’ve been hooked to softball ever since. Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of softball players (including many Olympians and top NCAA D1 players), coaches, and teams achieve extraordinary performances over the past 20 years.

In addition to having years of experience coaching and training elite softball players and advanced graduate studies in the field of strength and conditioning and sports psychology, I’ve also watch just about every tape and read every book I’ve ever been able to find on the topics of softball, baseball, strength and conditioning, coaching and sports psychology over the past 20 years.

On top of that, I also took practically every coaching course available and attended more conferences, clinics and seminars that I can count.

Over the years, through my rich experience in the trenches and my never-ending quest for finding and discovering the best and latest performance enhancement information out there, I’ve really become an expert at helping softball players, coaches, and teams achieve extraordinary performances.

And now, I want to share that expertise with you. It’s all here on this site.

Want to know what I can do for you? Check out what others have to say:

“Marc Helps Pitcher Get Rid of Pain, Lose Weight, and Get Invited to the US Olympic Team Tryouts!”

"Thanks to Marc! I was able to get in peak shape in just a few months. I started Marc's program in the summer 2002 after my freshman year as a Purple Ace. At that point in my career, I was playing in a lot of pain because of a back fracture in high school but thanks to Marc; by the end of the summer, I was feeling great and pitching with no pain. It was truly amazing. I was also able to drop from 24% to 17% of body fat. Every aspect of my game improved and I was invited to Chula Vista for the United States Olympic Softball Team Tryouts. The workouts have been fun and sport-specific! Thank you!

Casey Clutch, Pitcher
4-year starter, University of Evansville
Clutch Athletic Performance, Inc.

"Pitcher Boosts Pitching Velocity and Impresses Her Coach!"

"By Christmas, I switched to your program and at the start of the season my coach told me she thought I came back in the best shape of anyone on the team, I looked stronger than she had ever seen me, and that she couldn't have been more pleased with the work I had done in the off season. I have to admit that I feel stronger than I ever have. I've picked up a few miles/hour on my pitches - and I can now throw the low rise, which I couldn't manage to do last season.  For next season I plan to time it all out properly and get everything in before the season starts."Lauren Peloquin


Lauren Peloquin
Head Softball Coach, Rutgers University
Former Pitcher and Co-Captain, Amherst College
2001 NESCAC Pitcher of the Year
2000 NESCAC Player of the Year
1999. 2000 NFCA All-American


Here’s Just A Fraction of What to Expect…
I will teach you all about…
  • Pitching faster and throwing harder
  • Swinging the bat harder and hitting the ball further
  • Being mentally tougher
  • Stealing more bases
  • Having more confidence
  • Getting better jumps off the bases
  • Exploding out of the batter’s box
  • Developing a winning mindset
  • Running down more balls in the field
  • Reaching, stretching and getting more of those “oh-so-close” balls
  • Reacting faster
  • Having more stamina for long games and tournaments
  • Staying healthy and avoid injuries
  • Tolerating heat better and performing when it’s really hot
  • Practicing longer without being tired or losing your focus
  • Being much more consistent and have less “ups and downs”
  • Avoiding slumps
  • Getting it faster when learning or refining a skill
  • Getting more extra bases when running
  • Developing an athletic body
  • Recovering faster between innings and games
  • Being more dominant in all aspects of the game
Plus, I’ll also give you tons of softball tools and resources that will help improve your game including…
  • Video tutorials
  • Exclusive articles
  • Podcasts – Listen to exclusive interviews with top experts and coaches.
  • Comprehensive performance systems
  • Softball-specific programs and workouts
  • Special reports
  • Calculators
  • Question and answers
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Scientific updates
  • And much more.

And again, this is just a tiny fraction of what you'll get by joining the Softball Peak Performance Club. There are so many resources that you might get overwhelmed. But I absolutely guarantee you that you'll see a significant improvement in your game.

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More People That Have Something To Say…
“Nationally Recognized Pitching Expert Benefits from Marc’s Advice and Expertise!”

"Hi, this is Doug Finch, hitting and pitching instructor in the United States, also Jennie Finch's father. Marc and I have had many in-depth, lengthy conversations over the past several years going way back when Jennie was only 14 years old. I feel blessed that the lord has had our paths crossed. Marc's kindness, knowledge, and expertise have been valuable tools to my Doug Finch self and my family. Thanks Marc!"

Doug Finch, Inventor of the Finch Windmill
Nationally Recognized Pitcher Expert and Father of Jennie Finch

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Here’s What You Get with Your Membership…

You’ll get tons of useful and exclusive softball resources that include:

  • Video tutorials
  • Exclusive articles
  • Podcasts – Listen to exclusive interviews with top experts and coaches.
  • Comprehensive performance systems
  • Softball-specific programs and workouts
  • Special reports
  • Calculators
  • Question and answers
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Scientific updates
  • And much more!
But I won’t stop there.

Also Check Out These Bonuses…
  • Free Access to All my Public Tele-Classes/Webcasts. A tele-class/webcast is an educational event conducted over the telephone and/or an internet broadcast. It is an affordable and convenient education alternative. A facilitator leads the tele-class/webcast while participants listen in to various speaker presentations. All of that in the comfort of your own home.
  • Call-In Days where you will have access to me personally on a one-on-one basis where I can answer ALL of your questions.
  • Special Offers and Discounts on various performance tools and services
  • And much more.
PLUS, in addition to the above, you’re going to hundreds of dollars worth access to exclusive material:
  • Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System
  • Breakthrough Speed and Agility for Softball System
  • Arm Strength and Throwing Power for Softball System
  • Bat Speed and Hitting Power System
  • Psychology of Phenomenal Hitting for Softball System
  • Dynamic Warm-up for Softball System
  • Renegade Mindset Techniques for Softball
  • Express 21-Day Shape-Up Program
  • Scientific Core Conditioning for Softball
  • Static stretching and Flexibility Training for Softball
  • Permanent Fat Loss for Softball
  • How to Perform Your Best at Your Next Tryouts
  • And much more!
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To your success,

Marc Dagenais

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