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"Get Softball Fit In Just 30 Minutes A Day In 21 Days!"

"Didn't Workout Consistently Letely? Your Fitness Level Isn't As Good As It Should Be?"

" Give Me Just 30 Minutes A Day For 3 Weeks and I Promise We'll Get You In Good Shape and You'll Throw Harder, Run faster, and Hit With More Power Even If Your Season Has Already Started..."

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Would you say that you could be in better softball shape for the softball season?
  • Could you use more speed, power, quickness, and stamina for this season?
  • Did you procrastinate a little bit this winter and didn't workout as often as you would have liked?
  • Would you like to boost your performance on the field this season?

I bet that many of you answered yes to most, if not to all, of these questions.

Most Softball Players Aren't In Great Softball Shape When The Season Starts...

As you know, most people really want to be fit and certainly all softball players were to perform at their best on the softball field.

However, during the off-season, we often find ourselves not hitting the gym or working out as often as we should or wished.

Most of the time, life just gets in the way. We have so much on your plate that we end up not having the time, being too tired, or lacking the motivation to go to the gym or workout consistently even with the best intentions in the world.

Does that sounds familiar?

So basically, the season starts and we are not physically at our peak where you should be and our suffers from it. We aren't as fast, as strong, or as powerful as we could be.

Yet Being Fit Can Make Such A Big Difference On Our Game...

From my experience dealing with hundreds of softball players and coaches, most softball players have serious deficiencies in their conditioning which hurts their game BIG TIME!

Here are 20 reasons why doing working out is important...

  1. Pitch faster and throw harder
  2. Swing the bat harder and hit the ball further
  3. Steal more bases
  4. Get better jumps off the bases
  5. Explode out of the batter's box
  6. Run down more balls in the field
  7. Reach, stretch and get more of those "oh-so-close" balls
  8. React faster
  9. Have more stamina for long games and tournaments
  10. Stay healthy and avoid injuries
  11. Tolerate heat better and perform when it's really hot
  12. Practice longer without being tired or losing your focus
  13. Be much more consistent and have less "ups and downs"
  14. Get it faster when learning or refining a skill because of increased body awareness
  15. Be much more confident and feel stronger
  16. Be mentally tougher
  17. Get more extra bases when running
  18. Develop an athletic body
  19. Recover faster between innings and games
  20. Be more dominant in all aspects of the game

Are you realizing how much better your game could be if you were only a little more fit?

You definitely agree with that but since the season is about to start or has already started - it's too late anyways! Wrong! That was until now!

You Can Get Fit and Improve Your Performance On The Field In As Little As 21 Days...

You see, I always a lot of requests for fitness pograms late in the spring from softball players who shamely admit that they didn't work out often enough or not at all during the winter. Some of them apologize and even feel guilty.

I always end up tell them that they aren't alone and that in fact, there is a lot of people like them. It makes them feel a little better but yet, they wish they would be fitter to be able to perform better on the field.

So, over the years I have created many programs to help softall players get in shape fast and often with great and suprising results.

Many people don’t think it’s possible to get fit in a short period of time. While it’s always better to workout over a longer period of time if you truly want to maximize your physical potential, it’s still possible to make quick gains in strength, power, and speed in a short period of time. It’s possible as long as the program is intense and that you work hard the whole time.

After getting so many requests over the years, I have decided to put together the ultimate express softball workout program. A program specifically designed for softball players who want to get fitter fast but don't have that much time.

Introducing the "21-Day Express Shape-Up Softball Workout Program"...

You know, no matter their age and level, today's softball players need to have more speed and power than ever before to stay competitive and not being in tip top shape can hurt your game.

This brand new, cutting-edge, express workout program was designed with the following things in mind: you don't have much time, you want something super effective, you want results fast, and you want something simple and easy to follow.

With this in mind, I have designed the ultimate program to get you in great softball shape fast.
The program only takes 30 minutes per day, 6 days a week, for 3 weeks. That's it! It's dead simple to use. It uses great and very effective exercises. It comes with illustrations and details instructions. With this program, there is absolutely no reasons why you can't get fit for this season! You have no more excuses!

You'll get faster, stronger, more powerful, more agile and improve all aspects of your game! So what are you wating for?
Your wise investment for accessing this ultimate express program is only $9.95. Only $0.25
The best part? You will be able to download the document right away and have it in your hands within seconds after paying for it.

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Still Unsure? See What Marc's Softball-Specific Workouts Have Done For Others...

“Marc Helps Pitcher Get Rid of Pain, Lose Weight, and Get Invited to the US Olympic Team Tryouts!”

"Thanks to Marc! I was able to get in peak shape in just a few months. I started Marc's program in the summer 2002 after my freshman year as a Purple Ace. At that point in my career, I was playing in a lot of pain because of a back fracture in high school but thanks to Marc; by the end of the summer, I was feeling great and pitching with no pain. It was truly amazing. I was also able to drop from 24% to 17% of body fat. Every aspect of my game improved and I was invited to Chula Vista for the United States Olympic Softball Team Tryouts. The workouts have been fun and sport-specific! Thank you!
Casey Clutch
Casey Clutch,Pitcher
4-year starter, University of Evansville
Clutch Athletic Performance, Inc.
* Results not typical. Your results may vary.

"Pitcher Boosts Pitching Velocity and Impresses Her Coach!"

"By Christmas, I switched to your program and at the start of the season my coach told me she thought I came back in the best shape of anyone on the team, I looked stronger than she had ever seen me, and that she couldn't have been more pleased with the work I had done in the off season. I have to admit that I feel stronger than I ever have. I've picked up a few miles/hour on my pitches - and I can now throw the low rise, which I couldn't manage to do last season. For next season I plan to time it all out properly and get everything in before the season starts."
Lauren Peloquin
Lauren Peloquin
Head Softball Coach, Rutgers University
Former Pitcher and Co-Captain, Amherst College
NESCAC Pitcher of the Year
NESCAC Player of the Year
NFCA All-American
* Results not typical. Your results may vary.

"Seriously Injured Athlete Gets Back in Shape Quickly!"

"Marc’s expertise, advice and excellent programs have helped get back on my feet after a terrible bus accident that left me unable to play at all.After months of rehabilitation and following Marc’s Program, I was finally able to step back on the softball field in better shape than ever and ready to perform!” For next season I plan to time it all out properly and get everything in before the season starts."
Krissy Chrisztopulosz
Krissy Chrisztopulosz
Softball All-American, University of Delaware
Former Greek National Team Member
* Results not typical. Your results may vary.

"The Best Workouts I have Ever Had!"

"Marc Dagenais has addressed all my needs as a National Team athlete. I have seen results both in the weight room and on the softball field. I am quicker and stronger than ever. Most importantly, I am injury free. It is by far the best workout program I have ever had."
Kristina Odamura
Kristina Odamura, Infielder
Former Olympian (Sydney and Athens Olympic Games)
Canadian Women's National Team
Athletic Trainer, University of Hawaii-Hilo
* Results not typical. Your results may vary.

So don't any longer... It's not too late to get in great softball shape for the season!
Give me only 30 minutes per day for the next 21 days and I promise I will get you great softball shape and you'll throw harder, run faster, hit the ball with more power and improve all aspects of your game!

Your wise investment for accessing this ultimate express program is only $9.95. Only $0.25!

The best part? You will be able to download the document right away and have it in your hands within seconds after paying for it.

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Don't wait any longer and enjoy the best season of your life!

Marc Digital Signature

Marc Dagenais
Your Softball Peak Performance Coach

P.S. Seriously, what do you have to lose? I am only asking you of a short 30-minute commitment, 6 days a week for the next 21 days? Anybody can do it. Order Your 21-Day Express Shape-Up Softball Workout Program Now!